The Struggle

So. Some things have changed in my real life and I’ve been given permission to tweet again. Which means, that I don’t really need the Angel account. I mean, it’s not like I can just keep tweeting from that account. What if he asks for my user name and decides to look in from time to time. It would be so easy for him to see that I’ve been tweeting again for way longer than I’ve had permission too. Continue reading


10 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

 Day one: What would you say to 10 people right now

These are all twitter folk who have touched my life. Think you see yourself in my words? You just might. 😉


1. I could write a book about the effect you have had on my life in such a short time (I’ll try not too, though). I love your smile, your voice, your strong sexy hands. I love your deviant mind and I adore every filthy, delicious thought that comes from it. I love the careful, brutally honest way you handle me. You have given me wings and a voice and created a safe place for me to discover the dark places within myself. I can never thank you enough for that. Continue reading

Slippery Girl (part 3)

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My pussy a soaked, slippery mess as Sir continued to hammer me through His orgasm, the man’s cock slipped out. Whimpering with the need to feel the fullness, I begged him to put his cock back inside. A new man came up behind me and slid his cock inside against Sir’s. I nearly purred, the feeling of fullness so intense with a fresh, hard cock.

“Open, slut” I heard Sir say.

My mouth opened, nearly of it’s own accord and Sir’s hand in my hair guided my open mouth onto a waiting hard cock. As he and the man behind me fucked me, Sir held my head still and the man in front of me fucked my face vigorously. The man’s hands were on my cheeks, squeezing them tightly as his cock slid violently in and out of my mouth. Sir’s hand in my hair set the frenzied pace of the fucking of my face and pussy to match. He slid His other hand around my throat and squeezed as He held me, the second man’s cock buried in my throat, and the air in my lungs ran out. Tears slipped down my cheeks as my hands clawed at Sir’s unrelenting arms as my mind and body were overwhelmed with the sensations piled on from every direction. Continue reading

Slippery Girl (part 2)

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Sir adjusted us so that the man behind me could slide his cock into my pussy too.

Gasping at the incredible sensation of fullness as I stretched to accommodate the two cocks, I heard Sir’s voice, husky in my ear, “Good girl, you can take us both, my dirty little slut.” With the intense pressure against the walls of my pussy and His voice in my ear, it was easy for Him to read the need to cum on my face.  “Cum, slut.” came his command and my body responded violently, shuddering, squirting wet, hot cum over the two cocks stuffed inside me. Before my orgasm subsided they were fucking me, every stroke of their cocks pulling another wave of wetness from me. The world around me blurred and the edges of my mind became fuzzier as the painful stretching of my pussy gave way to intense pleasure and I gave myself over to it. Continue reading

Slippery Girl (part 1)

It had been a very messy night. I hadn’t counted the naked bodies in what seemed like hours. There were people everywhere in Sir’s house. The three of us, His girls, were sliding around on the floor of the HUGE bathroom. We were covered in sweat, and cum and who knows what else. Our bodies were slick with it as we writhed and squirmed against each other, giggling and kissing… putting on a show for several men standing in a circle around us, their cocks in their hands as they watched us play. Continue reading